Microwavable Disposable Containers


Microwavable Disposable Containers

microwavable disposable containers

    disposable containers

  • (Disposable Container) A container which, because of its type of manufacture, can be abandoned after it has made an economic journey.


  • A microwave oven, or simply a microwave, is a kitchen appliance that cooks or heats food by dielectric heating. This is accomplished by using microwave radiation to heat water and other polarized molecules within the food.

microwavable disposable containers – Pro-Kal PK16S-C

Pro-Kal PK16S-C 16 oz Capacity, 4.6" Top Width x 3.5" Bottom Width x 3" Height, Clear Polypropylene Microwavable Deli Container (Case of 500)
Pro-Kal PK16S-C 16 oz Capacity, 4.6" Top Width x 3.5" Bottom Width x 3" Height, Clear Polypropylene Microwavable Deli Container (Case of 500)
Pro-kal deli containers are a line of contact clear, american made microwavable polypropylene round deli tubs with 6 sizes ranging from 6 to 32 ounces, fit by 2 common lid styles. Lightweight and cost effective as an alternative to traditional pet deli tubs, pro-kal containers are durable, shatterproof and feature a rolled rim for leak resistance and easy lid application and removal. Contact clear for complete product visibility and microwave safe. Durable, shatterproof material. Unsusceptible to flavor or odor transfer. 1 Lid diameter fits all pro-kal containers. Fewer SKUs to distribute and stock. Multiple options for desired presentation and application. Multiple options for tamper evident applications. Reduced transportation costs and environmental impact. Large, flat and un-interrupted labeling space for outstanding branding opportunities. Recessed plug-fit and overcap lid also available to print. Leak resistant snap-fit lid application and removal. Multiple options for desired presentation and application. Printed graphics “pop off” white containers. Convenience of containers and lids packaged together in one case. Minimizes storage requirements and simplifies operations.

EMU Troop Drive Nov 9-11,2009

EMU Troop Drive Nov 9-11,2009
It is the goal of the Eastern Michigan University Community to support the troops that we have abroad serving our great country.The VISION Volunteer Center is hosting a Troops Drive from November 9-11,2009.

When : November 9-11, 2009

Where: VISION Volunteer Center
346 EMU Student Center
Eastern Michigan University

Drive Contact People:

Ericka Wilson ewilso15@emich.edu
Peggy Harless peggy.harless@emich.edu
Erika Buckley ebuckley@emich.ed

VISION Volunteer Center 734.487.1313

Items we are collecting are as follow:

Homemade cookies

Canned fruit/vegetables/soups (pop-top preferred)

Microwavable food items (Mac and Cheese, popcorn, instant

Dry cereal Batteries

Sardines/anchovies/tuna (pouches are best) DVD’s

Peanut butter/jelly ( in plastic containers) Scraves

Dried Fruit, trail mix Wool Socks

Fruit pies Belt Buckles

Energy/cereal/granola/protein bars Magazines

Eye Drops Handwipes

Pocket sized first aid kits Raman Noodles

Disposable hand/feet warmers

Pocket sized tissues

Toilet paper

Vitamins (Muti-Vitamins)

Feminine hygiene products

Hand held games, crossword/word puzzle books

Paper books (no romance or horror please)

Soccer balls, Nerf ball, Frisbees etc..


One of the soft sculptures at the Fifth Dimension, the current exhibition at Moca in Shanghai, created out of disposable gloves and hot glue, lit from inside in a round container and displayed in a dark room, titled 59.
The Fifth Dimension displays artwork by teachers and students of the Fifth Studio of the Sculpture Department of China Academy of Arts. The exhibition is all about soft sculpture and space. Artist: Wang Zhijian.
microwavable disposable containers

microwavable disposable containers

Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 3.7-Cup Divided Rectangle Containers, Pack of 3
The Rubbermaid fg7f57retchil takealongs 3.7-cup divided rectangle containers 3 pack allows you to carry two different food items separately in one container. The takealongs are great for taking lunch to work or school, for kids snacks and for organizing things like screws, paper clips and other small items that you don’t want to get all over the place. With the new quick click seal, takealongs lids click into place letting you know when contents are secured. The lids have ridges for easy stacking, and the bases have graduation marks for handy measuring. Safe to use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher, the takealongs lid design allows you to worry about one less thing. If you hear the click, you know your seal is secure.